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Ningbo  MIMZEN Motor Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 (formerly known as Ningbo Jiangbei Minzheng Electronic Appliance Factory). Our company is committed to the development and manufacture of micro-motors, which are widely used in automobiles, household appliances, agricultural machinery, office furniture and other industries. Our company has more than 20 years of experience in motor manufacturing and has a lot of patents.

The company's existing plant covers an area of 6,400 square meters, with 120 employees and 12 technicians, 2 of whom are senior engineers of the original automobile factory. The company has a testing center with a variety of testing and experimental equipment to meet the various performance test requirements of customers'.

In recent years, our company has focused on the development of various types of automotive motors for the global automotive market, including wiper motors, power seat adjustment motor, water pump motors and window regulator motors. At the same time, the company has the ability to produce wiper system assembly products.

Since 2016, our company has focused on the research and development of precision motor drive technology, invested in high-precision injection gear equipment and molds, and proposed new solutions for smart furniture and smart massage chair industry, providing a more ideal driving motor.

Our company passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification in 2002, the CCC certificate obtained by the Chinese national certification body in 2003, and the ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification issued by the German TUV company in 2012 (currently the revised version of IATF16949). At the same time, some products also obtained EMC, UL and various environmental protection directives.

In order to meet the needs of customers and adapt to the vigorous development of the automotive industry and intelligent furniture, the company has been committed to technological innovation, vigorously research and development of various series of motor products, invested heavily in technological improvement, and achieved remarkable results. We would like to do hand in hand with our customers to create brilliant.


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